10L Classic Keg

10L Classic 酒桶

Volume: 10lt
15L Classic Keg

15L Classic 酒桶

Volume: 15lt
15L Hybrid Keg

15L Hybrid 酒桶

Volume: 15lt
20L Classic Keg

20L Classic 酒桶

Volume: 20lt
20L Hybrid Keg

20L Hybrid 酒桶

Volume: 20lt
24L Classic Keg

24L Classic 酒桶

Volume: 24lt
30L Classic Keg

30L Classic 酒桶

Volume: 30lt
30L Hybrid Keg

30L Hybrid 酒桶

Volume: 30lt

Key benefits of PET plastic one-way kegs

When it comes to enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact in the beverage industry, single use kegs have become the go-to solution. These kegs offer a range of benefits that make them a preferred choice for breweries, cider makers, wineries, and more.

Keg filling solutions: Tailored methods to support every stage of your business growth

Our kegs are versatile, accommodating a wide range of filling techniques. From manual hand-filling to semi-automatic and fully automated processes. Petainer kegs can be seamlessly integration into any pre-existing steel keg lines.

In collaboration with a network of global filling machine manufacturers, we stand ready to assist you in pinpointing the perfect equipment tailored to your precise requirements.

Keg coupler types: Discover the ideal valve for your dispensing requirements

Key coupler designs vary worldwide, reflecting the diverse preferences and requirements of different regions and brands. Petainer kegs come with four valve options, making them compatible a wide range of existing filling and tapping systems. This means transitioning to Petainer kegs, whether from refillable or disposable kegs, is effortless and cost-free.

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