About Petainer

Petainer is a responsible manufacturing business that strives to design and produce highly innovative, circular products that can be collected, reused or recycled.

Our values.
The beliefs that drive us.

With eight global sites, we aim to bring our supply chain and that of our customers closer to the markets in which we operate to increase business performance and reduce carbon emissions.

Supporting local sourcing

Petainer has 8 manufacturing sites worldwide & aims to produce and supply products as efficiently and sustainably as possible. We take a regionalized approach to key markets in Europe, Russia, the Americas and Asia to ensure that we offer customers commercial, product and technical expertise.

Responsible production practices

We aim to produce all our products in a sustainable, humane way. Working across the globe, we maintain the same high standards in all of our manufacturing sites to ensure all employees can work safely, in the knowledge that their work is having a positive benefit on the environment.

Towards a circular economy

Petainer’s ambition is to create a circular economy for PET products, ensuring our products are recyclable, reducing waste and benefitting the environment. We guide our customers through every stage of the packaging design process to tailor products to their business.

Global locations

Bringing our supply chain closer to your business

  • Manufacturing Centres

    • As, Czech Rep.
    • Lidköping, Sweden
    • Klin, Russia
    • Troy, Tennessee
  • Blow Molding Sites

    • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Idaho, USA
  • Regional Centres

    • London, United Kingdom
    • Bangkok, Thailand

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… at the time, we did not feel that we could commit to the expense of purchasing a fleet of stainless-steel tanks and a system to sanitize them … It was also great to have flexibility in terms of minimum orders from our Petainer Kegs supplier when we first started kegging products. We were able to purchase a comfortable number of kegs to start until we gained more traction in the marketplace and increased our distribution.

Jennifer Molgat
The View Winery

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