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Markets We Serve

Petainer offers sustainable PET packaging solutions for different markets: from bottled and draught beverages to food and household products.


Our PET packaging for brewers ranges from one-way kegs to bottles and refillable growlers
Beer Market


Our PET packaging for cider producers ranges from one-way kegs to bottles and growlers
Petainer Cider Market


PET kegs are ideal to serve your nitro and cold brew coffee on tap or our PET growlers for takeaway
Coffee Market


Our PET barrier technologies provide safety, ensuring freshness and great taste to your product
Food Market


Our packaging guarantees safety and meet the highest standards of durability and ergonomic design
Household Market


Petainer kegs do not need to be cleaned, ensuring a clean fill every time for your kombucha
Kombucha Market


Petainer has extensive experience in delivering packaging solutions for the flavoured bottled drinks market
Soda Market


From bottles and preforms for large scale distribution to water coolers for home and office dispense
Water Market


Expand your revenues with our kegs in the exciting growing market of wine-on-tap
Wine Market