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    Petainer: Saturnus Logo

    Petainer Partners with Saturnus: Bringing PET Packaging Solutions to Spirits Producers Across the Nordics and Beyond

    06 May, 2024
    Carbon Disclosure Platform (CDP) 2023 Logo
    Press Release

    Petainer Surpasses Industry Average with Improved CDP Score

    26 Feb, 2024
    Oonly Introduces Hungary's First Reusable PET Bottle in Collaboration with Petainer

    Oonly Introduces Hungary's First Reusable PET Bottle in Collaboration with Petainer

    23 Jan, 2024
    Petianer ESG Report 2022

    Petainer's 2022 ESG Report: A Year of Progress

    10 Jan, 2024
    Cuello Negro Brewery Petainer Keg Classic

    Navigating Logistics in the Valdivia Jungle: Cuello Negro Brewery's Success Story

    19 Nov, 2023
    Weinhof 519 Winery Plastic Wine Bottles

    Weinhof 519 Winery Selects Petainer Plastic Wine Bottles for Safe and Sustainable Shipping

    05 Aug, 2023
    Coca Cola Universal refPET Bottle

    Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) Collaborates with Petainer to Develop 'Universal refPET Bottle'

    05 Aug, 2023
    Petainer's Swedish Plant Achieves Extended Carbon Neutrality

    Petainer's Swedish Plant Achieves Extended Carbon Neutrality

    27 Jun, 2023
    Aveleda Winery
    Case Study

    Aveleda Winery Partners with Nos Alive Music Festival, Using Petainer Kegs

    13 Jun, 2023
    M+F Keg Technik Petainer Keg Filling Machine

    Petainer Kegs Filled using m+f KEG-Technik Fillers in Germany

    22 Mar, 2023
    Dos Californias Brewster's

    How Craft Beer and Petainer Kegs Helped Unite Women Across Borders

    01 Mar, 2023
    Crate Glass Bottles

    Adapting to Glass Price Increases: Exploring Options for Drinks Producers

    01 Mar, 2023
    Petainer Troy, TN USA
    Press Release

    PET Blow Molding and Custom Design Services Now Available in Tennessee, USA

    17 Nov, 2022
    Happy Mountain Kombucha
    Case Study

    Happy Mountain Kombucha's Success Story with Petainer Kegs and Their Thriving Draft Business

    09 Nov, 2022

    Events Roundup: Drinktec and Scanpack

    03 Nov, 2022
    Again - Powering The Future of Packaging

    Petainer Partners with Again to Process Refillable PET Bottles in the UK

    19 Oct, 2022
    Cascade Brewing
    Case Study

    Cascade Brewing Boosts Draft Beer Sales with Petainer Kegs as an Alternative Solution

    04 Oct, 2022
    Moonzen Brewery Kegs
    Case Study

    Moonzen Brewery: From Nano Brewery to Asia Export Success with Petainer Kegs

    01 Sep, 2022
    Hochschule Geisnheim University Wine Study

    Geisenheim University Study Reveals: Petainer Kegs Maintain Wine Freshness Comparable to Bag-in-Keg Solutions

    08 Jul, 2022
    Petainer AS Factory
    Press Release

    Ara Partners Completes Acquisition of Petainer

    28 Jun, 2022
    VLB Berlin Beer Study

    VLB Berlin Tests Confirm: Petainer Kegs Preserve Beer Freshness Comparable to Bag-in-Keg Solutions

    23 Jun, 2022
    The Well Water Purely Scottish Water Cooler Bottle
    Case Study

    Transitioning from Polycarbonate to PET: The Well Water Adopts Petainer Water Cooler Bottles

    09 May, 2022
    The 1925 Brewing Company
    Case Study

    Asian Expansion: The 1925 Brewing Co.'s Success with Petainer Kegs

    26 Apr, 2022
    Petainer Lidkoping Factory

    Petainer announces Lidköping Factory as Carbon Neutral

    22 Apr, 2022

    Why 2022 is the time to transition to Refillable PET Bottle packaging

    04 Apr, 2022
    Wild Tea Kombucha

    Wild Tea Kombucha's Market Expansion with Petainer Kegs

    11 Mar, 2022
    Roundtable: Petainer x Wantsum Brewery

    Petainer and Wantsum Brewery Collaborate for BeerX brew

    07 Mar, 2022
    Spirit Bottles

    Why Spirits Manufacturers Choose PET Bottles over Glass

    16 Feb, 2022

    PET plastic bottle recycling: How is PET different from other plastic types?

    14 Feb, 2022
    Spoke + Spy Ciderworks
    Case Study

    Spoke + Spy Ciderworks: Growing with Petainer's One-Way Solution for Producers

    04 Feb, 2022

    Seed + Stone Cidery: A cider producer in NY that maximized its operations thanks to Petainer one-way kegs

    28 Jan, 2022
    Petainer CDP Disclosure

    Petainer Embraces Environmental Transparency by Disclosing through CDP

    11 Jan, 2022
    EU BPA Ruling Water Cooler Bottles

    Impact of Proposed EU BPA Ruling on Bottled Water Manufacturers

    11 Jan, 2022
    Nitro Coffee: Cold Brew Coffee

    Nitro Labs: Extending Shelf Life and Reducing CapEx with Petainer Kegs for Cold Brew Coffee

    06 Jan, 2022
    The Drinks Business: Petainer Green Company of the Year

    Petainer Wins at The Drinks Business Green Awards

    06 Dec, 2021

    Annapolis Cider Company: The premium brand that increases its presence with Petainer´s one-way solution

    30 Nov, 2021
    Bierstadt Lagerhaus Beer
    Case Study

    Bierstadt Lagerhaus: Strengthening Distribution with Petainer Kegs

    06 Sep, 2021
    Brook House Hops Herefordshire

    Petainer appoints Brook House Hops as UK Distributer

    06 Sep, 2021

    Petainer Partners with Birdys in the Netherlands, Enhancing Presence in Benelux

    01 Jul, 2021
    Nourish Juice

    Nourish Juice: Cold Pasteurization Collaboration by Petainer and Hiperbaric

    28 Jun, 2021
    Coca Cola 100% rPET Bottles

    Petainer Aids Coca-Cola's Shift to 100% rPET Bottles in Sweden and Norway

    25 Jun, 2021
    Little City Coffee Roasters Nitro Coffee
    Case Study

    Little City: Iconic Austin Coffee Roaster Distributing Nitro Coffee through Petainer Kegs

    16 Jun, 2021

    Brewer Talks Podcast, Episode 009 Out now!

    25 May, 2021
    Petainer and German Wells Cooperative refPET Bottles

    Petainer and German Wells Cooperative: Transitioning Refillable PET Bottles to 30% rPET

    21 Apr, 2021
    Zadkiela Rios Pink Boots

    Zadkiela Rios: First South American Recipient of Petainer Sponsored Pink Boots Cicerone Scholarship

    25 Mar, 2021
    Granizo Brewery

    Cervecería Granizo: Pioneers of Barrel-Aged and Sour Beers in Chile and South America

    22 Mar, 2021
    Stephanie Alaniz Pink Boots

    Stephanie Alaniz: First Recipient of Petainer Sponsored Pink Boots Scholarship

    23 Feb, 2021
    The Dodging Duck Brewhaus

    Dodging Duck Brewhaus: Leveraging Petainer Solutions for Brewpub Advantages

    29 Jan, 2021
    Petainer Thailand Facility

    Petainer has started production of its one-way keg range in Thailand

    22 Jan, 2021

    Petainer Expands Warehousing Presence Across the Americas

    08 Dec, 2020
    Vino Zlomek & Vavra

    Vino Zlomek & Vavra: Nurturing Wine Heritage in the Czech Republic

    19 Nov, 2020
    Novo - Canadian Distributor

    Petainer Welcomes Novo as New Distributor in Canada

    09 Nov, 2020
    Longtab Brewing Company

    Longtab Brewing: Brewing, Reusing & Recycling

    20 Oct, 2020
    Casa Cervecera Morenos

    Casa Cervecera Morenos: Exploring Sweet & Sour Flavours through Brewing

    07 Oct, 2020

    Brewer Talks Podcast, Episode 008 Out Now

    01 Oct, 2020
    True Anomaly Brewing Company

    Brewing on the Wild Side: Exploring Creative Flavours and Techniques

    31 Jul, 2020

    Alternative Packaging & Dispense Solutions

    24 Jul, 2020
    Blue Owl Brewing

    Blue Owl Brewing: Redefining Sour Beers

    22 Jul, 2020
    Cerveza Irreverente
    Case Study

    Cerveceri­a Irreverente: Scaling Up a Microbrewery

    12 Jun, 2020
    New Kent Winery
    Case Study

    New Kent Winery: Discovering the Advantages of Wine on Tap

    11 Mar, 2020
    Together Towards Zero - Carlsbery x Petainer

    Together Towards Zero with Carlsberg

    19 Feb, 2020

    Petainer Sponsoring 4th Dutch Craft Beer Conference

    17 Jan, 2020

    Petainer Launches New Brewer Talks Podcast

    27 Oct, 2019
    Royal Unibrew

    Royal Unibrew Partners with Petainer to Reach 50% Recycled Plastic Bottle Goal

    04 Jun, 2019
    Indianapolis Coffee Fest

    Indianapolis Coffee Fest: Petainer Earns Second Prize for Best New Product

    02 Jun, 2019
    Ferris Coffee

    Ferris: Growing the sustainable way

    26 Nov, 2018

    Petainer Expands Manufacturing Footprint to Latin America and China

    05 Nov, 2018
    Jester Santiago Chile

    Cerveceria Jester's Growth Spurred by Petainer Kegs

    23 Oct, 2018
    The View Winery
    Case Study

    The View: Petainer Kegs - A Sustainable and Economical Solution

    20 Sep, 2018
    Crazy Carabao Brewery

    Crazy Carabao Brewing Company: Transforming Passion into a Thriving Business

    30 Jul, 2018
    Super Bock Petainer Keg

    Super Bock Selects Petainer Kegs for International Export Markets

    25 May, 2018
    Stark Craft Beer

    Stark Craft Beer: Crafting a Distinctive Brewery Experience

    10 Apr, 2018
    Rooster Beers

    Rooster Beers: Capitalizing on Growth Opportunities

    10 Apr, 2018
    Steamworks Brewery

    Steamworks: Seizing Opportunities in New Markets

    22 May, 2017
    Berendo Cold Infused Coffee Petainer Kegs

    Berendo Cold Infused Coffee: Leveraging Petainer for a Successful Launch

    22 May, 2017
    Roberson Wine on Tap

    Roberson Wine on Tap: Bridging Innovation and Tradition in the Industry

    22 May, 2017