Case Study 30 July, 2018

Crazy Carabao Brewing Company: from passion to business

Crazy Carabao

Manila, Philippines

When Brad Hannam decided to set up the Crazy Carabao Brewing Company in the Philippines, he wanted to create something special. He designed and built a state-of-the-art craft brewery in the south of Manila and employed a team of expert brewers to start creating a range of speciality boutique beers using the freshest ingredients.

The brewery now produces a range of beers, from its popular Exit Wounds IPA to Kalinga Kolsch, which are now being sold to quality establishments in Metro Manila and beyond. Crazy Carabao is rapidly earning a reputation for quality craft beer in the region.

Like many of the newer brewery owners, Brad must be mindful of the commercial aspects of the business, looking for new opportunities and markets to sell his beer.  He also has the additional challenge of the complex logistics the Philippines presents with over 7,600 islands to navigate. Having shipped draught beer in steel kegs, Brad quickly recognised that the cost of administering a steel keg fleet and keg losses made this an unviable option.

After a comprehensive review of the options available, Crazy Carabao chose Petainer’s USD keg, a one-way PET keg. The keg is lower cost than other solutions, removes any return logistics and is compatible with universal fittings which means it can be used in bars and restaurants anywhere in the world.  When the keg is empty, it can simply be dissembled, crushed and put into the local recycling system.

“We recognised the growing demand for quality draught beer in the region and wanted to tap into this trend. Using Petainer’s one-way kegs has turned a logistical nightmare into a straightforward process, ensuring we can send our beers across the region at a lower cost.”

Brad Hamman, founder and owner of Crazy Carabao
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