Navigating Logistics in the Valdivia Jungle: Cuello Negro Brewery's Success Story

Cuello Negro Brewery Petainer Keg Classic

Cuello Negro Brewery, one of the most recognized and award-winning craft breweries in southern Chile, is situated in the Valdivia Jungle. They are known for crafting beer using pure jungle water, resulting in intriguing brews that reflect the ingenuity of their founder, Cristian Olivares. Cristian, a Valdivia native, embarked on this project as a homebrewer with his father years ago, taking the project from a hobby to a brewery producing over 50,000 liters monthly.

Cuello Negro Award Winning Brewery

Cuello Negro Brewing House produces an Amber Ale with fruity and floral notes, along with their acclaimed Stout, which has earned multiple awards, including the Gold Medal for Best Chilean Beer in 2011 and Gold at the Brussels Beer Challenge in 2017. These successes have led them to expand their portfolio with an eye toward the future.

Innovation and Expansion Challenges

Due to their location, sending beer to the northern part of the country (over 1000 km from the production facility) presented logistical challenges when using traditional steel kegs, including the potential loss of units due to the distance. In 2018, they discovered Petainer as an innovative alternative to conventional kegs, starting with the 20L Petainer keg, and they currently use the 30L Classic keg G-fitting.

Cuello Negro Brewery Petainer Keg Filling

"Petainer was instrumental in Cuello Negro's nationwide expansion, allowing us to reach places we had never imagined. The cost-benefit is about saving and providing convenience to both our customers and ourselves."

Mauricio González, Cuello Negro´s Master Brewer

Cuello Negro Brewery

Located in the heart of the Valdivia Jungle, Cuello Negro is committed to sustainable solutions, and the Petainer keg, with its one-way design, represents savings by eliminating the need to return kegs to the jungle and avoiding the water waste and use of chemicals in the cleaning process, as required by conventional steel kegs.

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