Refillable PET Bottles

The most sustainable beverage packaging solution, Refillable PET Bottles (RefPET) can be refilled up to 25 cycles and are available with up to 50% recycled PET content.

What is a Refillable PET Bottle?

Refillable bottles aim to reduce total plastic produced by making them reusable. They are the foundation in deposit return schemes, in which a customer receives money back for returning their bottle. Empty bottles are returned via the scheme to be refilled by bottlers, a process that can happen up to 25 cycles. These innovative schemes motivate the consumer to play a part in recycling and reducing plastic waste, which benefits the environment. This sustainable packaging solution has a far lower carbon footprint than the refillable glass bottle equivalent.

Built to last

RefPET bottles are built to last, but still use the lowest amount of new material per litre compared to other beverage packaging formats, including glass and metal cans. They can be filled on dedicated PET lines as well as incorporated on to glass filling lines, so no additional equipment is needed to start using RefPET bottles. Their long lasting properties increase trip rates, and as they can be reused more often, the upfront costs are spread over its lifespan.

A true circular and carbon neutral solution

For beverage producers, using 1L Refillable PET Bottles with 30% recycled content can lead to a carbon footprint reduction of 28% (vs 0% rPET), and against refillable glass has an 81% benefit in carbon reduction. Bottles that can no longer be refilled are simply removed from the bottle pool to be recycled. The recycled content coupled with the renewable energy supply in Petainer’s sites, is helping brand owners meet their sustainability targets, and work towards becoming carbon neutral.

At a time where customers perceive the end-of-life solutions of a product just as important as the carbon footprint, the RefPET bottle with recycled PET is the ultimate sustainable solution. This combination of reuse, recycled content, and responsible end-of-life, makes RefPET perfectly suited for the circular economy.

Filling and washing

  • Fully compatible with existing glass filling and washing lines
  • RefPET bottles are washed at 55-60 degrees for 20 minutes
  • All bottles are washed with 1.2 – 2.5% NaOH to ensure sanitization and preserve food grade quality

Refillable PET Bottles Offering

Petainer offers different sizes and designs of Refillable PET Bottles.

Product Capacity Neck Standard Applications Material
GDB Pearl MW 0,50; 0,75; 1; 1,50 L 28mm BPF PCO 1810 Mineral Water 30% rPET
GDB PE3 Clear 1 L 28mm BPF PCO 1810 Soft Drinks 100% Virgin
Customised Bottle 0,50; 0,75; 1; 1,50 L 28mm BPF PCO 1810 Mineral Water, Soft Drinks 100% Virgin or up to 50% rPET
Standard Bottle 0,50 L 28mm BPF PCO 1810 Mineral Water, Soft Drinks 100% Virgin or up to 50% rPET
GDB Pearl Bottle Clear 0,50; 0,75; 1 L 28mm BPF PCO 1810 Soft Drinks 100% Virgin
GDB PM3 Blue Bottle 1 L 28mm BPF PCO 1810 Mineral Water 30% rPET

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