Dodging Duck Brewhaus: Leveraging Petainer Solutions for Brewpub Advantages

The Dodging Duck Brewhaus

Dodging Duck Brewhaus is a family-owned and operated brewpub located in Boerne, Texas across from the Boerne Park lake in the Texas Hill Country. Their delicious fresh craft beer is brewed on-site in a 10-barrel copper-clad brewery and piped directly to the taps mounted inside in the wrap-around bar, where customers gather to talk beer with Ian, the brewer, or talk Boerne with the locals.

The owner met the Petainer team at CBC in Denver in April 2019 and placed the first order later that month. Dodging Duck is now taking full advantage of Petainer's offering by purchasing different keg sizes for various commercial purposes. They started using the 20L Hybrid Kegs and saved the chimes for reuse: watch the video on how to reuse the Hybrid Chimes. After having accumulated enough chimes, they only needed to order the 20L Classic Kegs. The majority of these kegs are used for takeaway, many come back as their customers know that the brewery wants to reuse the chimes. Beer at the brewpub is dispensed with 30L kegs, where there is space for a slightly bigger keg, and it is more economical for this purpose. In 2020 the new addition to the Petainer Keg portfolio, the 10L Mini Keg, was the ideal packaging solution for takeaway orders of those wanting a smaller keg size. Most recently, they started using PET Growlers.

"We are very happy with this ultra-lightweight yet very sturdy growler. The fill is easier than glass as we can see the product more clearly inside the container. Customers have no problems carrying multiple growlers without fear of shattering. Our standard growler caps fit on them perfectly"

Keith Moore, Dodging Duck Founder

Dodging Duck chose the Petainer Keg over the competition due to the ability to reuse the chimes. After using the products for several months, they were delighted with the quality and ease of use and moved on to purchase more products from Petainer.

"The Petainer kegs met our specific requirements in many ways. Dodging Duck is a small brewpub with limited space. We do not have a kegs washer. For many years we only served four beers on tap directly from our four serving tanks. We wanted to offer more beer on tap if we only had space to do this. The Petainer kegs function perfectly. Since the Hybrid version can be easily stacked, we can fit quite a few in our tiny area alongside our serving tanks"

Keith Moore, Dodging Duck Founder

Having the ability to reuse the chimes of both the 20L and the 30L Hybrid has been great for the environment. It is also a considerable cost saving for Dodging Duck because allows them to purchase the Classic kegs and reuse the previous chimes, saving us just over 30% per keg.

According to the brewery, another plus is that the kegs arrive pre-purged and sanitized. There is no waste of water or harsh chemicals needed to clean them as with traditional kegs, saving the Brewer valuable time and the possibility to focus on making more beer.

You can follow Dodging Duck on social media at @thedodgingduck or to find out more about their beers and live music events. If you are interested in knowing more about our kegs, contact us at or visit our website