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Expand your revenues with our kegs in the exciting growing market of wine-on-tap

Wine Market

We love the fact that serving wine in this way is incredibly efficient, environmentally friendly and super fresh. There is no wastage. The weight of a keg is far less than the equivalent 32 heavy glass bottles and so this means the carbon footprint is drastically reduced. If your bar offers a wine by the glass menu, you will never need to waste another bottle; serving this way keeps the wine as fresh as if it had just left the vineyard. Serve in this way and offer your customers the option of buying by the carafe, in half litre or litre as well as by the glass. Maximising opportunity to sell by multiple sizes increases the opportunity for sales. Reduce the cost of glass bottle disposal, and the cost of storage.

Use a wine on tap system for a fast serve. Especially good for events and where there are large crowds needing quick service. Whether you are a bar, restaurant, winery, or sports and music event company the benefits of wine on tap are clear: the freshest product, flexibility and low wastage.

Our PET kegs preserve all the properties of wine from fill to consumption. Protected against O2 and light strike, Petainer kegs ensure the first glass poured is as good as the last, a vast improvement on leaving half filled wine bottles to oxidise in storage. Kegged wine allows for a number of wines to be served by the glass, with service faster than the traditional method of measuring from a bottle in to a glass. These combined, mean that there is a low wastage of wine, and packaging waste, turning as much of the product in to profit.

The benefits for winemakers and distributors

Eliminating bottles

Each keg will save significant packaging costs; one 20L keg is the same as 27 bottles.

Eliminating the middle man

Many wineries outsource packaging to third parties, often in different countries. These third parties can be expensive and also add additional logistics to the supply chain. Using our Petainer Keg, you can package the wine yourself and send it directly to your customer, eliminating the extra step.

Guaranteeing quality

Petainer commissioned a study in to the quality of wine in keg, with the renowned Geisenheim Institute in Germany. The test compared wine stored in Petainer Keg, steel keg and glass bottles. The results showed no change across a range of sensory metrics could be detected by the human palate. In terms of freshness, our one-way kegs perform even better than glass and steel kegs.

An added benefit is that fewer sulphites are needed for kegged wine are required compared to bag-in-box or glass bottles.

No breakage and logistical efficiency

Petainer Kegs are more efficient for logistics compared to steel kegs and glass bottles as they use less space to transport more product. Unlike Petainer Kegs, glass bottles can break, whilst steel kegs create logistical challenges by having to be returned, exacerbated by distance.

The benefits on-trade

Fast dispense

Traditional wine service is a fairly time-consuming ritual. Your bartender or server must select the bottle, present it to the table, cut the foil, pull the cork, offer a sample, and then, finally, pour the glass. With a wine on tap system, there are no corks to fuss with; wine can be quickly poured and served with a fraction of the effort. That helps increase efficiency and keeps service running smoothly reducing labour cost and increase revenues.

Consumer experience

When serving wine on tap, the independent temperature chambers give the perfect temperature pour and even dispense across glasses with flow control. In terms of product offering, restaurant owners can add kegged wine alongside kegged beer to give choice to consumers at a low cost per litre as the demand for wine by the glass has seen an increase in restaurants and pubs.

Sampling and wine tasting

Bar, restaurant, and winery patrons have been trained to expect options. They crave experiences and are constantly on the hunt for something new and exciting. Wine on tap allows for controlled pouring and non-traditional sized pours that are perfect for tasting rooms, tasting flights, or upselling someone with the aid of a sample.

Eliminating wine waste

With a bottled by-the-glass program, a certain percentage of the wine is wasted to oxidation or cork taint two problems that kegged wine avoids.

Reducing packaging waste

Buying wine in our Petainer Kegs reduces the waste generated by commercial packaging, saving packaging waste from landfills and reducing your establishment's overall carbon footprint.

Our technical team will help you find the right filling options and suggest the best practice depending on your wine type and properties. We assist wine customers of different sizes and production outputs to grow their business and export to new markets, serving various venues.