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Petainer kegs do not need to be cleaned, ensuring a clean fill every time for your kombucha

Kombucha Market

We offer a variety of sustainable packaging solutions to serve kombucha on tap to your customers, for both on-trade and at home consumption.

The benefits of kombucha on tap

Kombucha on tap is ideal for bars, restaurants, grocery stores, health and fitness studios, and festivals to make this healthy beverage accessible to their clients and customers. When serving draught kombucha, it can be stored and served in the same system utilised for beer, wine and cold brew coffee. Use alongside our refillable Growler to open up to the takeaway market.

Serving your beverage on tap guarantees a qualitatively better final product. Even if the keg is consumed very slowly, kombucha in keg will never go flat. One-way kegs offer the same level of protection as in bottles or cans but generate a smaller carbon footprint because they create less waste.

Our PET packaging not only preserves all the properties of your kombucha from fill to consumption but deliver a significant reduction in environmental impact compared to existing glass and aluminium packaging, bag-in-box and steel kegs. They also provide operational and financial benefits for kombucha producers, distributors and on-trade restaurants, bars and grocery stores.

The benefits for producers and distributors

A clean fill every time

With Petainer kegs, there is no concern about filling a dirty or unsterilised keg. Using a shared keg system with producers of other beverages, such as beer and wine, highly increases the risk of contamination. Our PET kegs don’t need to be washed or sterilised, reducing your overheads and equipment costs.

When stainless steel kegs are used, SCOBY residue can even stop the valves from opening. With Petainer kegs, there is no such risk as a new keg will be used every time.

The benefits on-trade

Consumer experience

Bottled kombucha can be offered alongside kegged kombucha to give consumers choice. There is a lower cost per litre, and product sampling can be offered for try before you buy.

There is no risk of still kombucha by using “forced carbonation”. Brewers can ensure the batch has exactly the right amount of carbonation in each glass with a Nitrogen tank and regulator.

Our technical team will help you find the right filling options and suggest the best practice depending on your product properties. We assist kombucha customers of different sizes and production outputs to grow their business and export to new markets, serving various venues.