Keg Dispensing

Our kegs are fully compatible with existing universal dispensing systems and can be used anywhere in the world. For more information about using petainerKeg, please see below.

Use and disposal of petainerKegs

In these videos you will learn how to safely and easily use and dispose of a PetainerKeg.  We have videos which clearly explain how to use petainerKeg across each of the fitting types – A, S, D and G.  This information is relevant to all our kegs – Hybrid, Classic, USD and Linestar.

First, please always follow our safety guidelines when using petainerKegs which are clearly indicated on the outer packaging or in the downloadable pdfs below.

Use & Disposal

Dispensing using petainerKeg

Here’s a general overview but please refer to the specific technical pdf or video.

Ensure you have the correct dispensing head.  The dispensing head has two connections, gas in and product out.

The easiest and safest way to move a petainerKeg is to use the hand holes in the sides of the box.  Remember to keep the petainerKeg in its box during use.  If you are using our Hybrid keg, use the top and bottom chimes to handle the keg.

If the petainerKeg has a pressure release tool attached, leave it connected, as you’ll need it later.

Ensure you use the correct gas at the correct tapping pressure.  Remove the top of the box. Remove the protective cap.  Sterilise the petainerKeg fitting and the dispensing head. Then slide the dispensing head completely onto the petainerKeg fitting, then push down the handle.

Dispense some product to rinse the pipework and tap. The petainerKeg can be uncoupled and re-coupled during use if needed – take care as the keg is pressurised.

Lift the handle and slide off the dispensing head.  Dry the fitting with a clean cloth or paper towel.  Sterilise the petainerKeg fitting and the dispensing head.

Depressurising and disposal

Before disposing of the petainerKeg, you need to release the pressure inside.  Use the attached pressure release tool, or the reusable depressurising tool.  Press the tool firmly into the petainerKeg fitting. You’ll hear the pressure being released.  When the noise stops, it is finished.

To reduce storage space, flatten the petainerKeg.  Keep one foot on the floor to maintain your balance and flatten the keg with your other foot.

Flatten the box.

Recycle in accordance with local rules and regulations.

Classic A, D, G, S

Classic A npr PRTF
Classic A npr
Classic A pr
Classic D npr PRTW
Classic D npr
Classic D pr
Classic G npr PRTW
Classic G npr
Classic S npr PRTW
Classic S npr
Classic S pr

Linestar A, D, G , S

Linestar A npr PRTF
Linestar A npr
Linestar D npr PRTW
Linestar D npr
Linestar G npr PRTW
Linestar G npr
Linestar S npr PRTW
Linestar S npr


USD A npr
USD A pr
USD D npr
USD D pr
USD G npr
USD S npr
USD S pr

Use and Disposal Hybrid

Use and Disposal Hybrid A npr PRTF
Use and Disposal Hybrid A npr
Use and Disposal Hybrid A pr
Use and Disposal Hybrid D npr
Use and Disposal Hybrid D npr PRTW
Use and Disposal Hybrid D pr
Use and Disposal Hybrid G npr PRTF
Use and Disposal Hybrid S npr
Use and Disposal Hybrid S npr PRTW
Use and Disposal Hybrid S pr