Wild Tea Kombucha's Market Expansion with Petainer Kegs

Wild Tea Kombucha

Wild Tea Kombucha is growing exponentially. Their commitment and brand care has led them to choose Petainer kegs for their process of market expansion

In 2015, Wild Tea Kombucha's co-founder, Emily Baadsvik, discovered her love and passion for kombucha while training and representing the Canadian national bobsleigh team at the Sochi Winter Olympics. That same year, Emily met her side-kick, Wild Tea Kombucha's other co-founder and accomplished health inspector, Brigette Freel.

Kombucha, a probiotic fermented tea, is distinguished for healthy bacteria, digestion enzymes, and vitamins that increase energy and strengthen the immune system. Wild Tea Kombucha flavors its product with fresh juices and unforced carbonation, creating and reinventing the way we expect kombucha to taste, making the most delicious and naturally-fermented kombucha on the market!  

How did they hear about Petainer?

Wild Tea’s founders heard about Petainer kegs through KBI (Kombucha Brewers International) conferences and currently, Novo Plastics, our distributor in Canada, supplies their kegs inventory for their filling needs.

The option became an affordable and immediate solution as it did not require a large investment in steel kegs and keg washer, which can be costly for a new/small business. Besides this, is compatible with standard filling and dispensing systems, this Petainer solution allow our customers to forget about storage requirements and the need to pick up dirty kegs.

“We chose to use Petainer kegs as they are easy to use, affordable, fully recyclable, and don’t require a huge output of cash to get started like stainless kegs do”

Emily Baadsvik, Co-founder

Today, Wild Tea Kombucha’s dynamic duo combine their enthusiasm and expertise at their Calgary, Alberta small-batch brewery to create delicious and approachable kombucha that is naturally low in sugar. Follow them on social media and find more about their healthy alternative!