Together Towards Zero with Carlsberg

Together Towards Zero - Carlsbery x Petainer

Petainer is proud to be one of the 10 supplier partners Carlsberg Group has selected in 2019 to reduce our shared carbon emissions and support Carlsberg in achieving a 30% reduction in its beer-in-hand carbon footprint by 2030.

We are working with Carlsberg sites in Norway, Sweden and Denmark to lightweight PET preforms with post-consumer recyclate inclusion from 25% to 50%, delivering carbon savings of up to 40% compared to 100% virgin PET products.

Petainer has also been supporting Carlsberg to reduce carbon emissions related to transport, water and energy use through supply of our lightweight PET preforms for Draughtmaster kegs around the world, which have a much lower carbon footprint than traditional steel kegs. During this inspiring cross-industry partnership, Petainer has shared its unique knowledge of processing post-consumer recyclate to supply Carlsberg with world-class sustainable preform solutions and disclosed carbon-related information to work together to cut carbon emissions and reach our agreed targets.