Stephanie Alaniz: First Recipient of Petainer Sponsored Pink Boots Scholarship

Stephanie Alaniz Pink Boots

We had the pleasure to meet and ask a few questions to Stephanie Alaniz, the first Pink Boot Society recipient of a Cicerone Level 2 scholarship sponsored by Petainer. She is currently a Beertender at the Oasis Texas Brewing Co. overlooking Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Petainer is proud to be the first company ever to sponsor a Level 2 scholarship for Pink Boots and we encourage other businesses to get involved and help take women to the next level.

What made you decide to apply for the Cicerone Level 2 scholarship?

I was excited to build upon my expertise from Level 1, which touched on the fundamentals of beer service, style and flavours. Level 2 offers a more solid and well-rounded knowledge of beer, beer service, assessing beer quality and identify by taste. It was the natural next step for my professional growth in the beer industry.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to beer?

Pairing beer with food. I attended a Beer Tasting Talk held at EasyTiger here in Austin, and the speaker was Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery“ little did I know at the time just how much this man knows about the beer world! He spoke about pairing beer and food, two of my favourite things, and I was hooked. That encouraged me to learn more about pairings, then I came across the Cicerone website and enrolled in Level 1. Big shout out to Garrett Oliver, who inspired me to pursue this journey.

How did you find out about the Pink Boots Society?

Shortly after completing Level 1, I was at a beer event and met a Pink Boots Member. Upon sharing my beer journey with her, she immediately suggested I joined the Pink Boots Society (PBS), which assists, inspire and encourage women in the beer industry to advance their career through education. Easiest decision ever!

It wasn't long before I started meeting super supportive women who not only shared my love for beer but were ready, willing and able to help me achieve whatever I decided to pursue in the name of beer. I even managed to get my first PBS brew in at Vista Brewing just before COVID19 hit.

Favourite Beer?

My go-to is El Grito from Oasis, The Yell, a combination of lime and sea salt. This gøse lager is refreshingly tart, crisp and easy drinking.

What beer is in your fridge that might surprise us?

Perhaps it's not surprising, but a Beer not from Texas that I have in there is the Brooklyn Amber Lager from Brooklyn Brewery, of course.

Do you plan on participating in the upcoming PBS Brew Days?

Absolutely! If it is deemed safe to do so.

Best of luck to Stephanie! We will keep you updated on her progress. If you are interested in finding out more about the Pink Boots Society, visit their website at