Seed + Stone Cidery: A cider producer in NY that maximized its operations thanks to Petainer one-way kegs

Seed + Stone Cidery is a renowned cider producer from New York that has achieved more efficient operations with Petainer´s one-way solution!

Seed + Stone Cidery is an urban cidery located in the city of Rochester, New York. They are dedicated cidermakers of small-batch traditional ciders, made with apples from local orchards in Upstate NY. Seed and Stone cider is a fresh alternative to the “commercial ciders” that often contain concentrates and artificial ingredients. Their cider takes many months to slowly ferment to bring out the natural properties and goodness of apples.

Seed and Stone Cidery Founders

Ciders that are handcrafted in centuries of old traditions is their goal. For this, the ultimate cider drinking experience is through Seed + Stone Cidery’s own Tap Room, where customers can drink their product direct from the tap.

Seed + Stone Tap Room in Rochester, New York.

Making its operations more efficient through the one-way solution:

Thanks to the good reference that Petainer Kegs achieve among cider producers in the region, the Seed and Stone Cider team saw potential in the Petainer hybrid keg as it is sustainable, easy to use, and has a great price offer compared to other similar alternatives. Since last year, these producers have been using Petainer's solution, which makes it their best alternative for distribution due to the space they have and the practicality it offers.

“We are a small cidery and meadery and these kegs are just convenient. We don’t have to make a large investment in metal kegs and keg washer. We don’t have a lot of space so this works best for us, plus we don’t have to track who has our kegs and keep tabs on keg deposits.” 

Bill Bly, cofounder of Seed Stone cidery.

Follow Seed and Stone Cidery and their meadery Shertbriar Meadery on social media and if you go to New York, don't miss the opportunity to visit their Tap Room!