Petainer Kegs Filled using m+f KEG-Technik Fillers in Germany

M+F Keg Technik Petainer Keg Filling Machine

Moving from manual filling to semi or automatic filling is an exciting step for brewers. In doing so, a brewery can access all the associated benefits - speed of fill, consistency and the freeing up of labour hours. It also gives brewers of all sizes a way to scale and grow to access new markets. Petainer KEGs can be filled on most machines, allowing brewers to grow using the same KEG system, whilst offering their customers consistency.

m+f Keg Technik

m+f KEG-Technik, experts in the filling and cleaning of KEGs for over 50 years, are a German based manufacturer of filling equipment. Their expert team have created a dedicated Petainer KEG semi-automatic filling system, which they have installed at a number of breweries across Europe. The newest line, installed at a brewery in the west of Germany, comprises of 2 m+f made 'Petainer KEG Filler' machines. Loaded manually, the operator can begin the filling process at the press of a button. In built software and hardware then fills the KEGs to the pre-programmed volume of 30 litres, for example. Once filled, the keg is unloaded and palletised, ready to ship.

At full capacity, the machines will work at a filling speed of 100 x 30L KEGs per hour, roughly two and half times faster than filling manually. This improvement amplified across a year of filling brings enormous savings in labour hours, which can be placed instead to other roles within the brewery.

M+F Keg Technik Petainer Keg Filling Machine Process
M+F Keg Technik Petainer Keg Filling Machine Conveyor