Petainer announces Lidköping Factory as Carbon Neutral

Petainer Lidkoping Factory

London April 2022: Petainer are delighted to announce that they have taken operations at their Lidköping factory to carbon neutral. Responsible for global supply with a Nordics and European focus, Petainer’s Swedish production site is the first in the region to have achieved carbon neutral operations. This announcement follows closely behind Petainer’s reporting of emissions reductions through the carbon disclosure charity CDP and recent commendations at the Drinks Business Green Awards for Renewable Energy and Green Company of the Year.

Petainer reported the results of the first 3 years of its carbon emissions reduction program through the CDP. In this report, Petainer announced a 40 % gross reduction in total CO2 emissions in 2020 vs 2018 and a 25 % reduction of total emissions in CO2 per kg of resin purchased. The natural next step was to tackle unavoidable emissions at an operational level.

Petainer partnered with ClimatePartner to measure its Corporate Carbon Footprint. ClimatePartner are experts in emissions accounting, and reduction strategies powered by carbon offset projects. The report measured emissions between January 2021 and December 2021, covering all greenhouse gases, reported as a CO2 equivalent.

ClimatePartner’s report evaluated Petainer’s operational Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions. Scope 1 covers Petainer’s direct emissions, including vehicle fleets and facilities. Scope 2 covers emissions released through purchased electricity and district heating. Finally, Scope 3 covers indirect emissions such as employee commuting and purchased services. These are unavoidable operational emissions that are required for the factory to function. The largest share by value was upstream emissions from electricity. Petainer uses renewable energy to power the site at Lidköping, so offsetting the emissions associated with its production ensures that the factory is run on the cleanest energy possible.

Petainer Lidköping is also rated Ecovadis Platinum, a measure of Corporate Social Responsibility placing it in the top 1% of companies measured.

Petainer has now offset the total calculated emissions plus 10 %, to account for any under calculation. Offsetting is a process which invests in projects that reduce carbon emissions, providing funding in situations in which carbon emissions would remain static or grow if unaddressed. Each project is verified by independent organisations, who confirm the amount of CO2 saved and then sell this saving as Certified Emissions Reductions. Investment in these projects funds climate positive projects that benefit communities, in this instance the production of clean wind energy in Northeast Brazil. By offsetting, Petainer has addressed the emissions from unavoidable operations.  

Hugh Ross, CEO of Petainer commented “Petainer is committed to sustainable, transparent manufacture. We were pleased to have announced great progress over the last few years, reporting our successes through the CDP, and pledging to further reduce our environmental impact as a company. Bringing operations at our Lidköping plant to carbon neutral is something that we’re extremely proud of, both to be the first in the Nordics and further that it showcases Petainer’s attitude as a first mover and innovator. Offsetting emissions for what was a growth year for Petainer is an important aspect of our carbon management strategy and demonstrates sustainable growth. We were pleased to work with a company like ClimatePartner who were both diligent in their reporting, but also support communities to improve their wellbeing.”