Petainer and Wantsum Brewery Collaborate for BeerX brew

Roundtable: Petainer x Wantsum Brewery

For this years BeerX, Petainer joined with Brook House Hops, Wantsum Brewery and Paul's Malt to brew Roundtable.

This 4-way collaboration showcases the finest British hops and malts, the latest Petainer Keg technology and the super-sharp skills of the Wantsum brewery team.

It has been brewed with Target T90 and Phoenix whole cone hops, Albino Whale Extra Pale Ale, Greedy Goats Rolled Oats, Mark 5 Medium Crystal, Captains Classic Cara Malt, plus an experimental speciality malt to promote body and head retention. At 3.0% the focus is on carrying flavour without relying on higher ABV.

Wantsum brewery, based near Thanet in Kent are predominately a cask brewer, and had never filled with Petainer Kegs before, putting most of their beer in to firkins and polypins. As new keg fillers, we put them in touch with our Technical Support team to talk them through the process and take a look at their equipment. Filling straight from the fermenter was the best route forward, simply attaching the line out to an s-type filling head. From there, it was a quick filling process - no equipment needed to hold the kegs upside down, no dedicated coupling or filling heads, just a quick, clean fill. With every Hybrid Keg pre purged with N2, no preparation of the kegs is needed in advance; they can be taken off the pallet and used immediately (following standard filling hygiene practices).

For first time Petainer Keg fillers, Wantsum found the process easy, able to fill straight from their Conical FV fermenter.

For each of our kegs, full instructions and how-to videos are available to make your first fill easy, whether filling by hand, semi-automatically or need them to run down automatic filling lines. If you're a brewer who has never tried Petainer Kegs, you can request a sample through our contact page here:

To try 'Roundtable', join us on stand 203 at BeerX in Liverpool 15th-16th March