Nitro Labs: Extending Shelf Life and Reducing CapEx with Petainer Kegs for Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Coffee: Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Labs, is one of the largest producers of nitro cold brew coffee and tea in Thailand. Their coffee is kegged (like beer) and transported in the Petainer Kegs so it can be dispensed on tap with a creamy nitro texture in their coffee shops and famous tuk-tuks (a mobile sales point).

Thailand's coffee culture is booming, and the production of Nitro Labs's coffee is Thailand's coffee culture is booming, and the production of Nitro Labs's coffee is focused on a slow brewing process, of small batches, and premium quality, source most of the ingredients locally with the mission to promote Thai's coffee industry.

Among its objectives, it contributes to the continuous development of the Thai coffee culture by raising awareness about the evolution of the industry and the environmental impact. Nitro Labs started using the Petainer kegs in late 2019 to increase distribution range and reduce the fixed assets required in traditional distribution while favoring larger-scale sustainable packaging that extends the life of the product.

"Petainer helped Nitro Labs reduce asset tracking/loss, reduce maintenance/sanitation costs, and gas leaking. We've also seen a shelf-life increase of more than 20%"

Eliot Delunas Co-founder and managing director from Nitrolabs.

Petainer products seek to positively impact growth volumes moving forward and add good value to businesses like Nitro Labs, a company that was born by the passion for brewing coffee with careful ingredient selection and a friendly price point to offer the perfect product.

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