Longtab Brewing: Brewing, Reusing & Recycling

Longtab Brewing Company

Longtab Brewing, based in San Antonio, Texas, is a veteran-owned brewpub. David Holland, the owner, and Mike Brown, the Head Brewer, are both retired Green Berets and brew beers to celebrate the history, culture, and veterans of US Army Special Forces.

Each Longtab beer is named after unique aspects of Special Forces history and Green Beret folklore. While some beer names are obvious, others may require you to share a few brews with a Green Beret to the get the real story. The focus of Longtab is to offer US-made versions of classic beer styles. All beers are brewed in San Antonio and made with American grown grains, hops and yeast.

The brewery chose Petainer in 2019. Being a very small brewery, they didn't have space, power or financial means to purchase a keg washer. They needed a simple solution to put their beers in kegs. They also didn't have the staff to wash kegs.

Since they started using Petainer kegs, they have cut down on their chemical usage and what they dump down the drain, which also means no additional water usage and no extra energy to heat the water for cleaning. Longtab Brewing started filling with the 30 liter Hybrid Keg and, as they began to accumulate enough chimes to be able to reuse them, all they needed was to order only the Classic Petainer Keg, which is the PET body of the Hybrid.

"Reusing Hybrid Chimes saves us over 30% of the cost per keg, which is pretty substantial over time"

David Holland, Owner Longtab Brewing

The possibility to easily stack them is another great benefit experienced by the brewery, an option that you don't have with a half barrel.

David and Mike recommend Petainer kegs for several reasons. They are easy to stack; there are substantial cost savings, less chemical used and less labor involved to track the kegs. The Hybrid Chimes are made of 100% recycled materials, which makes up for 60% of the product weight. Therefore, by recycling the kegs and reusing the chimes, their business is able to reduce the impact on the environment significantly.

You can follow Longtab Brewing on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Linkedin, or at to find out more of their beers and events. Besides brewing great beer, Longtab's charitable mission is to foster a culture of giving back to the community through beer donations and dedications, hosting events, or donating to Green Beret supporting charities.

Watch their video on how to reuse Petainer Hybrid chimes:

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