Case Study16-06-2021

Little City: Iconic Austin Coffee Roaster Distributing Nitro Coffee through Petainer Kegs

Little City Coffee Roasters Nitro Coffee

Born from an iconic Austin, Texas cafe and roaster more than 20 years ago, Little City Roaster is currently a major wholesale coffee roaster located in the St Elmo's district of Austin. They have a passionate team of coffee professionals who actively travel the world to obtain unique batches of coffee directly from producers to ensure that the quality of the product is maximized throughout the supply chain.

Little City's coffee can be found in major grocery stores in Texas such as Whole Foods or Central Market. They also distribute their Nitro Cold Coffee in restaurants, coffee bars, and breweries in major cities in Texas with the help of Petainer kegs. This association began in August of last year, thanks to the logistics benefits Little City has obtained by using Petainer's light, easy to fill, and one-way hybrid kegs.

Limited batches are sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Myanmar, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mexico

One of Little City's recent accomplishments is their partnership with Austin FC Major League Soccer.  With this alliance, they will bring their high-quality coffee to the employees of the Austin-based team and will offer their coffee on tap in the new Q2 stadium, distributing the product through Petainer kegs.

The Petainer's one-way kegs come clean and ready to be filled!

"We chose Petainer Kegs as they offer a certain convenience that offers us the ability to expand outside of Austin. Food distributors will not deal with stainless steel kegs as they are not set up for deposits or return logistics."  Eric Wolf - Little City, Coffee Director

Little City distribute their Nitro Cold Coffee in restaurants and coffee bars with the help of Petainer kegs.

Little City's Nitro Cold Coffee is infused with nitrogen and dispensed with nitrogen; this makes it an ideal combination as Peteiner kegs are pre-purged with nitrogen, thus ensuring safety and freshness when serving. In addition, the solution turns out to be a sustainable option since it extends the shelf life of  Nitro Coffee, while saving costs compared to traditional packaging. It has also been very practical for them by not having to sanitize the keg or have contact with chemicals since it comes clean and ready to be filled!

if you are interested in finding out more about Little City high quality products, visit their shop at!