Ferris: Growing the sustainable way

Ferris Coffee

Michigan-based Ferris Coffee is a family-owned business with a heritage that dates back to 1924.  The team at Ferris has been perfecting the taste of its range of coffees for nearly a century, passionately seeking out the finest products from around the world.

The business also has a strong focus on sustainability.  As a participant in the plant-grown food and beverage industries, Ferris depends on the planet's people and resources for success and growth. As a result, it pursues constant improvement in its business practices, ecological impact and the communities in which it operates.

This ethos also extends to the packaging it chooses for its products.  The business needed to find a more cost-effective option than stainless steel kegs for its cold brew coffee which is served on tap but also one which ticked the environmentally-friendly box.

As a result, Ferris has been using 20L one-way Hybrid Petainer Kegs since April 2018 to transport its cold brew coffee to customers outside its own cafes. PET kegs cut out any problems when it comes to getting empty kegs back because they are recycled when they are empty, no water or energy-intensive cleaning is required, and they provide excellent product protection, ensuring there are no off-flavours.

Sam Mirto, Director of Coffee, at Ferris outlines why Petainer Kegs have been a great solution for the business so far:

"One-way PET kegs are a really easy option and help support the growth plans of smaller businesses such as ours by lowering the cost of entry into new markets like cold brew coffee which is a big new trend we want to capitalise on. Crucially, the feedback from our customers has also been really positive. They find petainerKegs easy to use and easy to dispose of.  They like the product and if our customers are happy, we are happy."

Ferris Coffee & Nut Co.