Case Study12-06-2020

Cerveceri­a Irreverente: Scaling Up a Microbrewery

Cerveza Irreverente

Cerveceri­a Irreverente is a craft brewery located about an hour away from Mexico City, supplying its iconic White Stout and other delicious brews to bars, restaurants and taprooms around the country and overseas. Irreverente is also known for working with a community of nomadic brewers, providing them with a brewhouse to bring their recipes to life.

Cerveceri­a Irreverente chose to work with Petainer for our innovative, reliable and cost-effective products, as well as our commitment to provide sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions to beverage producers around the world.

The Irreverente team started working with Petainer two years ago, after assessing the risks and financial impact associated with the use of steel kegs. A steel keg fleet would require a high upfront investment and ongoing operating expenses to cover keg losses, maintenance, cleaning, and storage costs. The team would also need to deal with daunting return logistics.

Our sales and technical teams were thrilled to support the brewery. Petainer one-way kegs could be used immediately with the brewery's existing filling equipment and quickly improved its logistics and productivity. Easy to handle, fill, and stack, our kegs helped Irreverente accelerate its growth and reach new national and export markets. Using Petainer lightweight kegs (90% lighter than steel kegs) has significantly reduced the brewery's fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Continuous supply chain improvements translated into significant time and money savings, increasing the brewery's flexibility, competitiveness and recognition in a crowded craft beer market.

Petainer kegs offer excellent product protection and shelf life, preserving the freshness and reputation of the brews during filling, storage and transportation. Once delivered to the customer, Petainer kegs are easy to connect (and re-connect) to traditional dispense equipment. Empty kegs do not require storage space and can be sent directly to recycling.

Product-wise, Irreverente has first started with 20 and 30 L Classic kegs and is now also using Petainer Hybrid kegs, which chimes are made of 100% recycled PP and can be reused on new kegs.