Brewing on the Wild Side: Exploring Creative Flavours and Techniques

True Anomaly Brewing Company

True Anomaly is a small-batch brewery and taproom located in the heart of downtown Houston, Texas, and has been working with Petainer since 2019.

True Anomaly Brewing has been working with Petainer since 2019.

True Anomaly specializes in Wild and Sour Ales with a unique, experimental take on Old World favourites rooted in Belgian, French, and German traditions, and offers one-of-a-kind barrel-aged creations with bold ingredients and flavours.

It all started out in a garage; four guys with unique backgrounds as former rocket scientists, space-suit developers, and mission managers, and a shared passion and fascination for science and space. Aspiring to do things differently, the newly formed team has since dedicated itself to creating original fermentation processes and out-of-this-world beer recipes for fellow adventure-seekers.

"True Anomaly is an orbital mechanics term used to help find where an object in orbit will be, yeah, not super nerdy at all. We translate the phrase a little more broadly to represent our beers; while an Anomaly is generally something unexpected, it can be a good unexpected. And, that's what we intend, a truly different, but welcomed experience"

Michael Duckworth, True Anomaly Founder 

True Anomaly started using Petainer kegs to prevent cross-contamination and wild yeast infections that affect the quality of beer recipes by producing off-flavours, acids, and non-desirable aromas.

We specialize in many styles that are a bit more unique, and therefore require a more unique product packaging.  Specifically, our wild, mixed-fermentation, and sour ales are by-design created with a number of cultures that give these beers interesting and layered characteristics unlike anything you can find in traditional styles. As a result, those beers also become carriers of the cultures they are imbued with and when the party's over (aka, the keg's tapped) those cultures will remain behind. Petainer Kegs allow us to distribute these deliciously unique products to our partner retailers as single-use kegs, thereby preventing cross contamination and filling our warehouse with other more expensive alternatives for exclusive use with these styles. Using Petainer Kegs allows us to spend more time and resources on our product offerings."

Michael Duckworth, True Anomaly Founder 

Petainer kegs arrive sanitized and pre-purged, ensuring a clean fill every time and helping brewers avoid daunting and time-consuming steel keg cleaning processes. Contamination is sometimes hardly noticeable after brewing, especially when working with complex flavour profiles. It tends to develop after packaging during transportation and storage, resulting in poor customer experience and recalls. True Anomaly has also chosen to use Petainer kegs for their ease of use. 

"We've found the kegs to be easy to handle, especially for all members of our front and back-of-house staff. They are also easy to store and position."

Michael Duckworth, Founder and Brewer at True Anomaly