Case Study13-06-2023

Aveleda Winery Partners with Nos Alive Music Festival, Using Petainer Kegs

Aveleda Winery

On their Quinta, Aveleda have been producing wines for 150 years, and is now in the hands of 5th generation vintners Martim and Antonio Guedes.

The family grow indigenous Portuguese grape varieties, suited to the heat and humidity in which they are grown. They produce a mixture of ready to drink styles, through to sparkling and age worthy wines.

Aveleda and Petainer began working together in the spring of 2022. Aveleda had always bottled their wine in glass bottles but were looking to explore new opportunities. It just so happened that they secured the rights to supply an icon of the Portuguese festival scene, NOS Alive 2023. Since its inception in 2007, this festival in Lisbon showcases the best European artists, all while being only 10 minutes away from the best beaches and surfing opportunities.

NOS Music Festival

Aveleda will be using Petainer 30L Classic Kegs to supply the event. Petainer kegs are ideal for festivals, where high volumes of wine will be served, and need to be done so quickly and efficiently. A 30-litre keg is more lightweight than the 32 equivalent bottles, and is far easier to dispose of at the end of service. For the customer, wine will always be served at the perfect temperature, as no bottle needs to be replaced in the fridge or risk being left in the sun. For the 55,000 people at NOS Alive, they will have access to one of Europe’s most refreshing wine styles as they enjoy the first showing since Covid cancelled 2019’s event.