Case Study26-04-2022

Asian Expansion: The 1925 Brewing Co.'s Success with Petainer Kegs

The 1925 Brewing Company

The 1925 Brewing Co. began as a microbrewery and restaurant in 2013 in Jalan Besar, Singapore. The founders are three members of the Yeo family, brothers Ivan and Eng Kuang, and their uncle, Yeo King Joey. The family had a strong belief in preserving their Singaporean heritage and culture, with the hope of building a business that transcends generations.

1925 was the birth year of the founders' grandfather, Yeo Kim Ho. His birth year was used as a tribute and established the benchmark for quality that customers have come to expect and that has been the business philosophy until today. That is why their beer is meticulously and passionately crafted.

How did they start working with Petainer?

In 2018, to meet the growing demand in the country and other regions of Asia, the brewery moved to a larger facility in Mandai, Singapore and opened a gastrobar in Bangkok, Thailand. However, the need for a packaging solution that would allow them to transport their beer practically and that would be ready to be dispensed on tap made them look for the best alternative.

Through an import broker they came up with the perfect solution, the 20-liter Petainer Hybrid keg. According to the founders, Petainer kegs was a convenient and functional alternative for their needs since, due to the distance, they save logistics costs and inventory losses by not having to return it.

“We chose Petainer kegs because they are reliable and good quality”

Yeoeng Kuang, co-founder of 1925 Brewing At 1925 Brewing Co.

With the adoption of Petainer’s packaging solutions,1925 Brewing is seeking to preserve history while embracing the future, reinforcing its position as the craftiest brewery in Asia and Singapore. Follow them on Instagram and learn more about their popular creations like the Coffee IPA, Chrysanthemum Lager or Kaya Toast Stout.