Annapolis Cider Company: The premium brand that increases its presence with Petainer´s one-way solution

Annapolis Cider Company is a locally-owned family business that has grown to be a leading premium brand in Canada and now strengthens its distribution by using Petainer one-way kegs.

The company was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating a cider that was a genuine expression of the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada. Working together with local fruit growers, the Annapolis Cider Company sources the highest-quality fruit to create expertly crafted, premium ciders.

Their cider is cold fermented for 6 weeks and balanced with freshly pressed juice. Then, it is just lightly carbonated to let the fruit speak for itself.

Each year, Annapolis Cider Company welcomes more than 50,000 visitors to their cidery located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Visitors are allowed to tour the facilities and taste their renowned cider straight from the tap.

Increasing its presence with Petainer's one-way solution:

Over the years, Annapolis Cider has been able to captivate a wide variety of customers, generating robust nationwide demand. This has required them to seek alternatives to meet their distribution needs. A year and a half ago, through other local producers, they learned more about Petainer’s one-way keg via NOVO Plastics, our producer and distributor in Canada. 

Since then, Annapolis Cider has been successfully using the 20-liter Hybrid Petainer Keg, a practical solution for their dispensing needs as it comes sterilized and ready-to-fill. The keg is designed for single use, this helps Annapolis Cider avoid having to wait for the return of the keg. It also helps to save costs on return freight and inventory loss that would otherwise occur with traditional steel kegs.

"Petainer kegs are most useful to us because of their functionality. Just fill it once, send it away, and don’t think about it again. For our keg clientele, it becomes a simple solution for us", says Michael Gnemmi, Operations Manager at Annapolis Cider. 

Annapolis Cider Company has demonstrated the ease, practicality, and affordability of using Petainter kegs to distribute good quality cider to their clientele across Canada.