Petainer Welcomes Novo as New Distributor in Canada

Novo - Canadian Distributor

The company becomes the first PET keg manufacturer in Canada and now it is also the exclusive keg distributor for the Canadian market.

One year and a half after Novo began blowing PET kegs, chimes and watercoolers in Markham, Ontario, Canada Petainer announces that they will now also become the official distributor for the Canadian market. As Petainer began to grow in North America, the need became clear that a second blow mold plant was necessary. Planning started in early 2019 and six months later Novo began production.

"When it was time to implement the distribution piece in Canada, it quickly became apparent that Novo would be a great fit. Being the manufacturer, they certainly have a vested interest."

Chris McEwan, Petainer President Americas

"Strong, long-lasting partnerships with our customers and suppliers are the foundation of our success and growth, so when we had the opportunity to partner on a larger scale with Petainer, we didn't hesitate."

Baljit Sierra, Novo President & CEO 

Novo Plastics is located in Ontario, Canada. Their 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility has proven success with full infrastructure for volume manufacturing, complete in-house design, engineering, tooling and assembly logistics. They are a leader in manufacturing engineered plastic products with a diverse product portfolio, including automotive components and assemblies, consumer/commercial products, industrial products, and a fully integrated state-of-the-art blow moulding line for the food and beverage packaging industry.

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