Case Study01-09-2022

Moonzen Brewery: From Nano Brewery to Asia Export Success with Petainer Kegs

Moonzen Brewery Kegs

Moonzen Brewery is a family-owned brewery from Honk Kong that was formed in 2013 from a love of authentic beer, fueled by the tapestry of Chinese culture using the best local ingredients. The founders started the project as a nano brewery, but today they are clearly doing impressive things to increase their production and presence, achieving recognition in the region as the best beer at the Honk Kong International Beer Awards.

Moonzen in Cantonese, means “two-door guardian”, the element that in China represents protection against evil spirits and the bringing of good luck. For this reason, each Moonzen beer has a connection to Chinese mythology with beers like Jade Emperor IPA, Monkey King Amber Ale, or Moon Goddess Chocolate Stout.

How did they start working with Petainer?

The Moonzen team heard about Petainer from local producers, but it wasn’t until the SEA Brew in 2019 where the Moonzen team had direct contact with the Petainer team and began to start using the 20L Hybrid keg.

Regarding the advantages that the Petainer keg has brought to Moonzen's operation and expansion process, Moonzen’s team highlights the practicality of the keg design as it is easy to handle and stack, but more importantly, the reliability in terms of preserving the quality of their beer, which keeps customers satisfied. Additionally, they love the practicality of not having to return the keg.

"Petainer kegs have provided the best quality and value to the brewery and our overseas distributor/partners"

Gino Lee, General Manager Assistant.

Currently, the Petainer team supports Moonzen in continuing to export from China to its valued distribution partners in Thailand and Singapore thanks to the location of the Petainer warehouse in APAC, which plays an important role in their expansion.

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