How Craft Beer and Petainer Kegs Helped Unite Women Across Borders

Dos Californias Brewster's

Women brewers from both sides of the border between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, USA founded the group, “Dos Californias Brewster's”. They carry out collaborative projects in favor of raising funds to support educational scholarships for women seeking to develop in the brewing industry.

This year, Petainer was as part of the group of sponsors to support this incredible cause. For this project, also promoted by the United States Consulate in Tijuana, the producers met at the Ludica brewery in Tijuana to brew craft beer prior to the celebration of International Women's Day and the bicentennial of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United States.

Dos Californias Brewster's at Ludica Brewing Tijuana
Dos Californias Brewster's binational team at Ludica Brewing, Tijuana.

“The idea is to support, through this group of women, the new generations in their studies and efforts to start their own businesses, contributing new ideas that will allow the craft beer industry to continue growing”

Kim Scrivener, Consul for Public Affairs of the United States Consulate in Tijuana

The beer produced in this project will be sold at the Ensenada Beer Fest and Ludica brewery, offered straight from the tap through our Petainer kegs. The raised money will go directly to a scholarship fund for women interested in the production of craft beer studying biochemical engineering at the Technological Institute of Tijuana.

Congratulations to this group of working women! Follow them on Instagram @2californiasbrewsters to learn more about their initiative.