Case Study09-11-2022

Happy Mountain Kombucha's Success Story with Petainer Kegs and Their Thriving Draft Business

Happy Mountain Kombucha

Happy Mountain Kombucha (HMK) began brewing their delicious kombucha in 2015 in Oregon, USA out of a passion for tea. Its logo portrays the mountain area of the North West region and the passion and joy that this region represents for the team.

Being true to its mission of offering a Kombucha that anyone can enjoy, Happy Mountain Kombucha created the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Its kombucha is offered in nine fresh flavors with low sugar and great consistency, all with the health benefits this type of beverage offers in terms of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics.

Kombucha on tap and the challenges with traditional steel kegs

Due to the growth of the company, they moved into a new brewing facility and considered purchasing steel kegs and a keg washer to attend the demand for a large format option.

However, they found that keg washers were extremely expensive and take up lots of room in the warehouse. In any production business, space is always at a premium. Additionally, keg washing is a slow process that would require a full time employee at the rate they needed.

Happy Mountain Kombucha Factory

Increasing the distribution scope through Petainer's sustainable solution

Happy Mountain Kombucha has managed to successfully increase its distribution and can now be found in various parts of the West coast in its bottled version or served straight from the tap. When customers start inquiring about kegs to serve their delicious kombucha on tap, they found Petainer kegs to be the best solution to the environmental equation. 

"We ship kegs as far as 300 miles away and we don't need to use trucks to collect kegs, or ship the very heavy kegs back to our warehouse, we feel this does make an impact. The one-way nature of the kegs, along with their recyclability, and the fact that we don't have to spend water and heavy chemicals to clean them creates an overall environmental advantage."

Kyle More, HMK

Happy Mountain Kombucha Flavours

Happy Mountain Kombucha heard about Petainer kegs in 2020 from a coffee distributor who listed Petainer as a preferred keg one-way alternative. Using Petainer kegs allowed them to save space in the warehouse, avoid keg washing, end eliminate the need to track down empty kegs and collect/refund keg deposits. As a small business, this has helped to allow them to focus on what they do best: making great kombucha.

"We sell hundreds of kegs each month to our distributors, retail customers, and individuals.  Working with Petainer has had a significant effect on our draft profitability and has helped Happy Mountain Kombucha thrive. The greatest benefits to us from using Petainer kegs is sustainability, operational logistics, and ability to grow our draft business with ease."

Kyle More, HMK

Happy Mountain is available throughout Oregon and Washington in both bottles and draft. You can find more information about their offering on their website.