Casa Cervecera Morenos: Exploring Sweet & Sour Flavours through Brewing

Casa Cervecera Morenos

Casa Cervecera Morenos is a brewery located in Mexico City, founded by two brothers, Ernesto and Rodrigo Mora. They started in 2017 with a small production, 900 litres per month, now they brew their beers in a 20 BBL brew-house and produce over 9,000 litres per month.

The brewery is known for hoppy styles like Pale Ale, Double IPA and Hazy IPA. They also brew some lager beers and the always controversial beer style Milkshake IPA, which tries to emulate what a milkshake looks and tastes like with the flavours of an IPA.

To create this innovative beer, the brewers use as a base the New England IPA style, which is a very hazy IPA but less bitter than a regular one, and add some fruit and lactose to the brewing process. The final result is a beer heavy in body, very hazy and with a little bit of sweetness from the lactose and the acidity of the fruit added. Casa Cervecera Morenos always wants to innovate and present new beers to their customers. They created the Milkshake IPA together with Nomada Brewery.

Ernesto and Rodrigo started using Petainer kegs two years ago when they expanded into selling to bars and restaurants outside of Mexico City.

"The reason why we considered Petainer Kegs was because they helped us to reduce the logistics costs of sending steel kegs and protect the beer by maintaining the quality just like the steel kegs."

Ernesto Mora, Casa Cervezera Morenos Brewmaster

Casa Cervecera Morenos has grown very quickly and they are thinking about expanding their capacity in the next year. "With Petainer, having the option of saving money and reducing an important amount in our operations costs helped us to grow faster than we planned", explains Rodrigo Mora Financial Director.

When Casa Cervecera Morenos first started to keg their beers, they did it the same way most breweries do, by hand and gravity, without any fancy system or technology because the cost of having a keg filler was very high and they don't have much space at the brewery.

"When we first started using Petainer kegs we realized that Petainer doesn't only offer one-way kegs but also filling solutions that can fit our needs. They introduced us the AB-1 filler. It is a very small, easy to use filler and most importantly very affordable."

Ernesto Mora, Casa Cervezera Morenos Brewmaster

The AB-1 filler is a semi-automatic keg filler that comes with a diaphragm pump so it doesn't require CO2 for kegging. It stops automatically when the keg's volume is achieved (you can set up this in the display). A perfect pre-set volume fills every time and once the pressure is set, there is no need to worry about foam being an issue. This efficient and time-saving method translates into savings, which can then be used against the cost of the AB1.

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