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From bottles and preforms for large scale distribution to water coolers for home and office dispense

Water Market

Our solutions for the water market range from bottles and preforms for large scale distribution to water coolers for home and office dispense.

When bottling water from a natural source you want to preserve all of its natural properties without adding any undue flavours from the packaging.  PET is equally good in preserving the properties of still and sparkling water and flavoured water containing vitamins and minerals. PET is naturally clear, important in showing the quality of the product and can be moulded in to a number of sizes to suite both the on the go market, and for bulk requirements.

Bottled solutions

Petainer is a leading manufacturer of Preforms, PET Bottles and Refillable PET Bottles with recycled PET. Our solutions can be customised and tailored to maintain different carbonation levels and to maintain the delicate properties of water, we can include AA blockers to prevent off flavours migrating into the bottle content. We can supply PET preforms and bottles with up to 100% rPET (recycled PET), which will help you reduce your brands carbon footprint.

Refillable PET Bottles are a low cost, fully recyclable alternative to Refillable glass bottles and are typically refilled up to 25 times over their lifespan. They use the lowest amount of new material per litre consumed compared to other beverage packaging formats and can be supplied with up to 30% rPET.

Bulk Water

Petainer Water Cooler Bottles hold 5 US gallons, providing home, office and community spaces with an option for fresh mineral water. For the office user, high volume means water can be enjoyed over a long period, reducing the need for multiple, costly office supply runs over the course of the year for single use bottles. An office staple long associated with the 'water cooler moment' for good reason, they provide a free source of water for employees to stay hydrated.

Water Cooler Bottles are essential in emerging economies, where mismanagement of resources and water stress impact the amount of available supply. They bridge where water supply and hygiene quality issues can impact the amount of potable water for a community or area. This is why they need to be reliable, in terms of strength and leakages to ensure that no water is lost on the journey to where it is most needed.