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Petainer has extensive experience in delivering packaging solutions for the flavoured bottled drinks market

Soda Market

Our PET packaging solutions can be tailored to mantain different carbonation levels and protect your product flavours.

When people imagine plastic pollution the first thing they think of is a plastic bottle. This perception is driving consumers trends to recyclable and refillable options, and we know that more and more consumers will choose brands that fit this narrative. Petainer can help you with a number of sustainable PET solutions, including recyclable bottles, refillable bottles and the option to use up to 100% rPET.

Preforms and PET Bottles can be customised and tailored to maintain different carbonation levels and extended shelf life and provide other benefits relevant to your product needs. PET bottles are proven not to affect flavour and fully preserve the beverage properties.

Refillable PET Bottles are ideal for carbonated beverages. They are a low cost, fully recyclable alternative to Refillable glass bottles and are typically refilled up to 25 times over their lifespan. They use the lowest amount of new material per litre consumed compared to other beverage packaging formats and can be supplied with up to 30% rPET.