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PET kegs are ideal to serve your nitro and cold brew coffee on tap or our PET growlers for takeaway

Coffee Market

We offer a variety of sustainable packaging solutions to serve coffee on tap to your customers, for both on-trade and at home consumption.

Serving cold brew coffee on tap will make your establishment stand out from the crowd. Instead of pouring from messy pitchers, just fill a keg with your cold brew coffee and then serve your customers a delicious cup poured from your kegerator or draught system.

Take that experience up a notch when you infuse it with nitrogen to create swirling, foamy pints customers will love.

The benefits of cold brew coffee on tap

Pack it yourself

Kegging cold brew coffee is straightforward and can be done at a much lower cost than cans or bottles. That means you keep more of the revenues for yourself.

Efficient and quick dispense

Kegging your cold brew allows you to make and serve large batches quickly and easily. With the simple pull of a tap handle, it goes from keg to glass in an instant.


Draught systems restrict coffee’s contact with air, thereby slowing the oxidation process that degrades coffee’s volatile flavour compounds. Less exposure to oxygen means your coffee stays fresher, longer.

The Nitro Coffee Option

With the right pressure and faucet, you can choose to serve your cold brew ‘nitro’ style. When nitrogen is pushed into the coffee, it creates a rich, velvety texture and creamy head that is very much in demand among coffee consumers.

High pressure pasteurisation

Cold brew can have a very short shelf life, particularly in smaller packaging. As our Petainer Keg has a better surface area to volume ratio for O2/CO2 purposes as well as high-level barrier technology, you will immediately get better shelf-life benefits compared to other packaging formats.

However, to elongate your shelf life even more, our keg has been approved for High-Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP). This specialist process increases shelf life and therefore your distribution radius.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Lower your CO2 emissions by reducing logistics compared to steel kegs and reduce wastewater by eliminating keg washing. Made with recyclable components, Petainer kegs are designed with end of life in mind with each Hybrid keg containing 60% recycled materials.

Our technical team will help you find the right filling options and suggest the best practice depending on your product properties. We assist coffee customers of different sizes and production outputs to grow their business and export to new markets, serving various venues.

In May 2019, our one-way 20-litre Hybrid Keg won the Second Prize at the Indianapolis Coffee Fest for the Best New Product Awards in the non-consumable products category.