Refillable Containers

Petainer is a leading global manufacturers of PET refillables bottles, which rank ahead of glass refillables and one-way PET as the most ECOnomically sound and sustainable plastic packaging system.

Our multi-use bottles use 90% less material per 1L pack compared to the single-use bottle equivalent. Typically, a refillable bottle does 15-25 trips in its lifetime, removing a great deal of waste from the system, reducing littering and making it the more sustainable packaging system.

This is supported by a number of studies, including the German research institute IFEU for the Genossenschaft Deutscher Brunnen (GDB) – a purchasing and servicing organisation with more than 160 member companies producing natural spring water. The GDB concluded:

The most ecologically favourable packaging system is the 1.0 litre re-useable PET bottle. Of all the packaging systems studied, it clearly and consistently has the most advantageous environmental impact profile.

The refillable market is particularly strong in Germany, thanks to the Government’s historical refillable quota, and is often held up as the ideal model for environmentally conscious beverage producers, retailers and consumers. In fact, so much so that the German Government has recently passed a law to encourage brand owners to achieve 70% use of  refillable (multi-use) packaging.

The new law is effective from 1st of Jan. 2019 and the Government will measure progress towards the target over a period of three years.


At the heart of the Petainer approach is our Zero waste methodology. It’s based on the principle that a game-changing company wastes nothing.