Small Containers

Petainer is the key supplier of one way preforms and bottles to FMCG brands in the Northern European market. We offer a turnkey service from design through to manufacture from our plant in Lidköping, Sweden. Working with our development experts we can tailor our solutions to meet the exacting needs of our customers, whether that be form and shape as well as materials and barriers.

We are experts in the use of recycled materials (Post Consumer Recyclate – PCR). Petainer is competent in creating packaging from 100% recycled materials, with FMCG brand owners most commonly choosing to use 25 – 50% PCR in their beverage packaging. It makes environmental sense to use PCR in beverage packaging, and we support FMCG brands to implement cradle to cradle design principles and reduce carbon emissions.

Small Container

Key Facts

  • Available in refillable or one-way
  • Compatibility with existing filling equipment ensures a seamless transition to petainerSmallContainer™
  • Lightweight for efficient material use
  • Range of materials to suit all product requirements
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Reduces TCO for brand owners

Selecting the right packaging

Selection of a packaging material depends on combination of intended contents, barrier protection and filling method. Petainer consult with customers on all material changes. However, the below provides an indication of where Petainer identifies interchangeable material use.

Petainer  Replaces
PET Alternative materials, where feasible
CPP Glass and Polycarbonate
Single Layer HDPE Monolayer and Multi-layer HDPE

Applications Overview

The selected packing material is dependent on the contents and the fill method used. Petainer will advise on what material is best suited to your product to guarantee performance. The below provides a brief overview of which material is suited to which application.

CSD Haircare (Shampoo/Conditioner) Products currently contained in glass, such as:
Water Automative Soup
Beer Milk Drinks Jams & Jellies
Wine Juices Pickles
Sports nutrition Refillable sports jars Sauces
Cheese Soups Baby food
Condiments Medicines Products currently contained in cartons
Coffee Food Storage Products currently contained in metal cans
Baby Food Chemical