Keg Fittings

The petainerKeg range, available in A, S, D and G fittings is compatible with existing Micro Matic universal coupling systems, which means the kegs can be used anywhere in the world without any additional cost.

S – Well type D – Well type A – Flat type G – Flat type
Spear diameter 17.5mm 17.5mm 14.5mm 14.5mm
Materials (all EU food approved) POM, PP, TPE Stainless Steel
Release fitting options* PR & NPR NPR
Coupler attachment Rotate & Lock Rotate & Lock Slide on Rotate & Lock

* PR stands for Auto Pressure Release and means the keg will automatically de-pressurise when de-coupled for the first time.
* NPR stands for Non-Pressure Release and means the keg can be coupled, de-coupled and re-coupled as many times as required. The keg is then de-pressurised using pressure release tools