Features And Benefits Of Petainer Keg Technology

Petainer’s team of scientists and technical experts have worked closely with partners such as KHS, the global leader in keg filling equipment, and many high quality multi-national and regional brands globally, to ensure our keg designs meet the exacting needs of users across the drinks industry – from beer, wine and cider, to cold brew coffee and kombucha.

Our kegs have a lower total cost of ownership and are more sustainable than other packaging formats such as steel and glass, because they can be filled, sent and recycled when empty, cutting out costly return logistics and washing processes. They provide 40% savings in supply chain costs, compared to steel and glass and also reduce the expensive administration and deposit systems required to manage and run a steel keg fleet

Petainer’s universal compatibility lowers barriers to entry for draught products. Only minimal investment or adjustments to filling lines are required because our kegs have been designed to be filled using existing equipment, whether it is manually or on semi and fully automatic lines.

All of our kegs can be used with universal coupling systems, with flat fittings compatible with Micro Matic A and G systems and well-type fittings compatible with Micro Matic S and D systems, so customers know their product can be dispensed anywhere in the world.

Our kegs are just 10% the weight of a traditional steel keg, making handling at the filling plant and on-trade easier. Once empty, they can be depressurised, crushed and recycled.

Enhanced product safety and protection
Petainer’s kegs have been approved and are used by some of the best known regional and multi-national beverage producers in the world.

They also protect the quality of the beer. Independent tests show that the keg keeps the beer as fresh as other containers in the packaging mix. VLB taste tests show that after nine months the taste hasn’t changed and is on a par with steel kegs.

Science and Testing

Classic +
 Very good
*Not available for the G type fitting
petainerKeg™ Classic petainerKeg™ Classic + petainerKeg™ USD petainerKeg™ Hybrid
Size in litres  15, 20 & 30  15, 20 & 30 15, 20 & 30  20
15 & 30 in 2018
Preform kits and final blown product availability
Hand and automatic filling capability
Steel keg line capability  With adpator  With adpator Standard Standard
Compatibility with most kegerators and stand-alone systems
Compatability with standard micromatic dispense systems – A, D, G and S
Minimum shelf life 9 months @ 22°C
Top Load 40-80 kgf 40-80 kgf 130-160 kgf 350+kgf
Maximum operating pressure 3.1 bar, 45 psig
Burst pressure >7 bar, >100 psig
Availability of auto and non-auto
pressure release systems*
UV protection In box In box In box
100% Recyclability
Stackability and stability
Branding opportunities
Outer packaging Carton Carton PE top chime & PP box PE top & bottom chime
Pack price per litre packed
Reduced water usage – no cleaning or steam
No administration for deposits or
reverse logistics
No steel keg losses through theft
No maintenance required
Reduced inbound and outbound logistics
Reduced working capital and capital requirements
Reduced storage space
Potential to re-use components n/a n/a