Petainer Jars


The petainerJar™ range is made from a PET blend and is available in a variety of sizes, colours and moulds in two formats – a fully blown jar for short lead times and a wide mouth preform, ready to be blown by manufacturers on their own premises as and when required.

Key features

  • Lightweight solution that provides content protection and safety over glass alternatives
  • The jars allow for the safe transportation of all foodstuffs and liquids
  • Smooth, un-edged rim provides a tight and safe seal
  • Active and passive barriers and durability for superior shelf life
  • 100% shatterproof for improved safety
  • Fully customisable with extensive branding opportunities

Applications Overview

The selected packing material is dependent on the contents and the fill method used. Petainer will advise on what material is best suited to your product to guarantee performance. The below provides a brief overview of which material is suited to which application.

CSD Haircare (Shampoo/Conditioner) Products currently contained in glass, such as:
Water Automative Soup
Beer Milk Drinks Jams & Jellies
Wine Juices Pickles
Sports nutrition Refillable sports jars Sauces
Cheese Soups Baby food
Condiments Medicines Products currently contained in cartons
Confectionary Food Storage Products currently contained in metal cans

Technical Specifications

petainerJar™ is available in a variety of size, colours and moulds in two formats – fully blown container or wide mouth preform. 2 stage preform process allows us to replicate the exact shape of your current Glass or HDPE packaging in PET.

Description Units petainerJar™
Neck Diameter mm 110mm 120mm
Neck Height mm 22.2 21
Volume mL 750ml – 7.6L
Weight g 53 – 140 143 – 236
Height mm 110 – 253 112 – 299
EU / NSF / FDA Approved
Food Grade / BPA Free Yes
Shape & Colour Customised

* Custom neck diameters available on consultation

Performance Specifications

petainerJarTM durability and calibrated neck finish provides superior protection to your product and consumers
Barrier technology ensures consumer experience the best your product has to offer.

Description petainerJarTM
Shelf life Customised dependent on product requirements
Enhanced Durability Guaranteed content protection
Shatterproof 100% shard free
Barrier Technology Improved content integrity and shelf life
Safe and Secure Seal Customer and content protection
Bespoke Design Flexible branding capabilities