5 Gallon Water Cooler Bottles

Petainer Water Cooler Bottles are a refillable PET solution with market-leading durability. They are compatible with existing washing and filling equipment and can be reused up to 40 times, helping you achieve a high trip rate with a lower packaging cost per litre.

Clearly Better

Petainer Water Cooler Bottle is robust and high-performing compared to other water cooler bottles in the market.

Visual Appeal

PET has a premium look with a vibrant, long-lasting shine when compared to traditional polycarbonate alternatives.

The Most Sustainable Material Option

PET is BPA free, widely recycled and is the safest and most commonly used material for water bottles.

PET Water Cooler Preforms

Our Water Cooler Bottles can be supplied in two formats: a fully blown bottle ready to fill and Water Cooler Preforms to be blown onsite for self-manufacturing.

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Petainer Stories offer invaluable insights from the perspective of our worldwide partners. Gain invaluable information from their experience and observations.

Your environmentally friendly packaging company

Our mission is to design products that support a transition towards a circular economy where all packaging is collected, reused or recycled. We partner with key stakeholders across the supply chain to help our customers on the journey to becoming carbon neutral.

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We have chosen Petainer as our export partner because it has a successful track record of supporting breweries that need to tackle the challenges that exporting brings. The keg’s compatibility with existing filling lines and dispensing systems around the world also make it simple and efficient to use in place of other packaging options.

Joao Pedro Costa
R&D Project Manager,
Super Bock

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