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Easy to fill, handle, stack, and change, it is designed to meet the highest performance expectations.

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Petainer Hybrid Keg have been designed for use across a range of beverages, not just beer. With a range of barrier technologies and easy to use functionality, whatever your beverage, you can now access draught service.

Soft Drinks

Petainer Kegs offer a one-way keg solution that can help you break into new markets.

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Key Benefits of
Hybrid Keg

Reduce Capex

No keg

Reduce logistics costs

Eliminate return logistical costs.

Reduce overheads

Eliminate wastewater and reduce labour and administration costs.

Petainer kegs work with all filling methods.

Our kegs can be filled using a range of different methods, from hand filling, semi-automatic and fully automatic filling, through to existing steel keg lines. We work with a host of global filling machine manufacturers and can help you select the right equipment for your needs.

Manual Filling

Petainer kegs are easy to handle and ideal for starting out or producing small batches of product; they can be filled manually with an output of approximately 12-20 kegs per hour.

Semi-automatic Filling

Moving from manual to semi-automatic filling systems will significantly improve your time and labour efficiency. Petainer kegs are compatible with semi-automatic filling systems, which allows you to swiftly increase your filling capacity for export or seasonal peaks.

Fully Automatic Filling

Petainer Kegs are used in high capacity production facilities around the world and are compatible with existing steel keg lines, which will help you achieve a filling rate of up to 80 kegs per hour.

Fittings that work with existing dispensing system

Petainer kegs are available with 4 different valves, which make them compatible with most of the existing filling and tapping systems out there. This makes the switch from any type of keg - refillable or disposable - to Petainer kegs simple, immediate and without you incurring any additional costs.

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The packaging stability, the ability of the keg to survive gruelling weather and transportation conditions necessitates sourcing for a solution that is reliable, durable and is fit for travel. Stark has opted for Petainer Kegs because of their proven credentials when it comes to protecting the quality of the beer.

Bona Budhisurya
Founder & President-Director,
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