One-way PET Kegs

Petainer one-way PET kegs are a lightweight alternative to steel and can be filled with a variety of beverages such as beer, cider, wine, cold brew coffee, juice, kombucha and cocktails. They allow you to access domestic and export draught markets and achieve considerable savings on logistics while reducing your carbon footprint.

Safely protecting your beverage

Our market-leading kegs preserve the stability, taste and texture of your beverage at the same level as traditional steel kegs. They help you build customer loyalty and reputation by delivering a consistently fresh, high-quality product.

Sell more, for less

Our kegs help you achieve significant savings on Capex, logistics and overheads. This reduces your pack price per litre and releases cash in your business.

The safest one-way keg

Petainer has taken a revolutionary approach to keg design and safety. We have implemented a range of safety options into our keg designs to help you navigate supply chain risk, ensuring you make the right decision for your keg packaging..


Petainer kegs offer a great chance for users of draught packaging to significantly improve their environmental footprint.


Petainer can assist you with everything you need to fill and dispense with our one-way kegs.


With Petainer kegs, you can dispense your beverage everywhere in the world because they are compatible with standard dispense equipment. They are stackable, easy to store and reconnectable after cleaning draught beer lines.

Petainer Dispense Accessories

Petainer can assist you with everything you need to fill and dispense with our one-way kegs.

End of life

A sustainable choice that brings down your business' carbon footprint. Easy to dispose and recycle, our kegs need to be disassembled and depressurised after use.


Petainer has invested significantly in its global network of manufacturing locations, personnel and partnerships to ensure that you are closely supported wherever you are or your beverage is dispensed.

Petainer Keg Range

Find out more about our one-way keg range and which product best meets your needs.

Hybrid Kegs

Easy to fill, handle, stack, and change, it is designed to meet the highest performance expectations.

Classic Kegs

Petainer Classic Keg range allows you to swiftly get into the draught market with low or no additional costs.


Hygienic and cost-effective, the DraftPack is designed to serve draught beverages at stadiums, music festivals and all kinds of outdoor events.

Kegging Accessories.

Petainer offers a wide range of accessories that can help you fill, handle and dispense your beverage with our one-way kegs.

Knowledge Centre

Petainer Stories offer invaluable insights from the perspective of our worldwide partners. Gain invaluable information from their experience and observations.

Your environmentally friendly packaging company

Our mission is to design products that support a transition towards a circular economy where all packaging is collected, reused or recycled. We partner with key stakeholders across the supply chain to help our customers on the journey to becoming carbon neutral.

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We have chosen Petainer as our export partner because it has a successful track record of supporting breweries that need to tackle the challenges that exporting brings. The keg’s compatibility with existing filling lines and dispensing systems around the world also make it simple and efficient to use in place of other packaging options.

Joao Pedro Costa
R&D Project Manager,
Super Bock

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