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Our packaging guarantees safety and meet the highest standards of durability and ergonomic design

Household Market

Petainer offers different packaging solutions for the household market. From sanitiser to detergents and chemicals, our products guarantee safety and meet the highest standards of durability and ergonomic design.

Sanitiser Bottles

Petainer has selected a range of PET bottles (0.25L – 1L) that can be filled with alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

We launched a touchless bulk hand sanitiser dispense system designed for high traffic applications. The sanitiser unit uses Petainer 5 US Gal Refillable PET Water Cooler Bottle Technology and provides 1.5ml single dosing applications. All bottles can be returned for a refill or fully recycled after use.

Detergents & Soap

We manufacture packaging for dishwasher detergents, laundry care and liquid soap products that typically require durable packaging with functional features for ease of use.

Chemical Bottles

Petainer 1 litre Chemical Bottles, ideal for alcohol and spirit-based solutions, have obtained an International Certificate for the packaging and transportation of Dangerous Goods. The bottles are approved for three different 28 mm PCO screw caps, including child-proof closing mechanisms with or without spray insert.

The certified bottle is valid for packaging groups II and III containing liquid substances that have passed the compatibility test according to ADR/RID. Including White Spirit UN1300 and Bio-ethanol – 96% ethanol UN1987.