Petainer brings all the benefits of high-performance PET to manufacture food containers.

When moving your product around the world, you want to make sure it arrived in the same condition it left your facility. Petainer has developed barrier technologies to ensure the freshness and great taste of your product aren’t impacted by oxygen, UV light and moisture.

PET solutions can be designed for superior on-shelf presence. Being a much safer and lighter alternative to glass and HDPE, it delivers improved logistical performance.

Nutrition Supplements

As a nutrients and supplements manufacturer, you have invested in research and development to create cutting edge products. Your customers look to you as an expert to better themselves whether in the gym or supplementing their busy lifestyles. Match your products with PET technologies that are going to keep them at their optimum. Petainer offers a wide range of stock and custom-made wide-mouth PET jars for sports nutrition powders, tablets, vitamins, supplements, confectionery and other food products.

Protect your products from UV, moisture and oxygen.

Condiments and Jam

PET’s flexibility and squeezability coupled with innovative barrier technology mean longer shelf life and efficiency so that customers can enjoy your product until the last drop. Petainer offers preforms and PET bottles for condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise, jam and more.