As a brewer sharing your passion means getting pints in customers’ hands. At Petainer we have invested in making it easier and less expensive to transport your product, without compromising on product quality. Further, our PET solutions are more environmentally friendly than glass and steel. With these benefits, we hope to help you in widening your audience domestically and abroad.  From draught to bottled solutions, from microbreweries to the world’s biggest brands, we continually satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our packaging achieves the best performance in terms of product protection for your beer. The O2/CO2 barrier technology guarantees minimum oxygen ingress and carbon dioxide loss from filling to consumption, which is fundamental to preserving high-level carbonation and avoiding off-flavour due to oxidation. The Light and UV barrier prevents any taste alteration caused by ultraviolet rays exposure.

The benefits for your brewery

Reducing costs


Petainer kegs are a ‘plug and play’ solution free from the troubles of steel keg losses and write-offs. With no or low investment needed, they can be filled on most automatic kegging lines. They are available pre purged with a range of keg fittings. Reduce your need to constantly reinvest in steel keg floats during peak demand periods.


Lightweight PET packaging will help you achieve greater transport cost savings compared to other materials, such as glass and stainless steel. With Petainer kegs being lighter than steel kegs, more can be fitted onto outbound vehicles and eliminate return-logistics costs.


There is no need to wash Petainer kegs, which reduces water consumption. You can re-direct human resource from the administration of steel kegs and management of keg deposits to focus on driving revenue growth.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Lower your CO2 emissions by reducing logistics compared to steel kegs and reduce wastewater by eliminating keg washing. Made with recyclable components, Petainer kegs are designed with end of life in mind with each Hybrid keg containing 60% recycled materials.

We have a proven record of helping breweries of all sizes to increase their sales and reduce the unnecessary costs to optimise their product output and focus on their product offerings.

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Recommended Solutions

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