Other Market Sectors

Petainer brings all of the benefits of PET packaging technology to the food, personal care and home care markets, providing a superior shelf-life and improved logistical performance.  PET is also a much safer alternative than glass when it comes to the food production and filling process, reducing the risk of costly product recalls.

The plastic material itself will have many good barrier properties for many personal care and health care products; and therefore offers sufficient protection during the required shelf-life of these products. However, there are different solutions for a number of products that need additional protection against the entry of, for example, UV light or oxygen and therefore Petainer employs a team of scientists to develop special barriers for these specific products to allow optimal protection for your product alongside supply chain optimisation by manufacturing on-site. These barrier additives can be added in liquid form or as Master Batch to the product during the injection moulding stage of the production and are especially designed to meet your needs.

In addition, brands want their products to have a bespoke look, radiate high-quality and be eye-catching on the retail shelves. However complex, all of these requirements come together at Petainer through our specialist team of design engineers.

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