Riding the wave of the craft beer boom, cider is enjoying something of a renaissance around the world. As independent cideries begin to pop up and establish themselves alongside microbreweries, people are loving this intersection between beer and wine, making this mild-mannered, crisp beverage the latest trend drink.

Cider is increasingly served on tap, making PetainerKeg the ideal system for draught cider. Many producers have already switched to these disposable lightweight kegs, which have everything to enable you to offer customers a consistently perfect glass of cider. Using our kegs as a lower cost, more environmentally friendly draught packaging solution, we are helping cideries meet increasing demand for new varieties of ciders from consumers.

There are strong environmental and economic reasons for cideries to choose disposable PET kegs rather than conventional heavy stainless-steel containers. However, the benefits of using these non-returnable kegs are not restricted to the breweries. There are advantages for all those along the supply chain – from brewery right through to the consumer.

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