At Petainer, we understand that your beer deserves the best possible protection. From the moment the beer keg is filled, during transport and storage, and of course during the dispensing process.

We partner with breweries around the world –  from independent craft brewers to large global breweries – not only to protect the quality of their beer, but also to help grow and expand their markets. Our keg portfolio lowers the barrier to entering draught markets, and helps brewers build their brands globally through export.

Below is a selection of breweries we’ve worked with and the benefits they’ve gained. Find out how you too can benefit by reading their stories.

Canadian brewery Steamworks Moving from operating a brew pub to a global business, Canadian brewery Steamworks had to tackle a new set of marketing, packaging and logistics challenges. This included exploring alternatives to traditional steel kegs which were too costly to use for exporting their beer.

In 2014, Steamworks chose Petainer’s innovative one-way PET kegs because they offer a much more practical, lower cost, yet high-quality alternative. They also provide a range of valve options which are suitable for the different export markets Steamworks is focusing on, from Europe to Asia.

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Stark Craft Beers Based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Rooster Beers has recently teamed up with Beer Porters Asia to start exporting its craft beer to Singapore. This also meant that it had to look at alternative packaging solutions to bottles and steel kegs which could meet the logistical and climatic challenges of exporting beer in Asia.

After a comprehensive review of the options available, Rooster chose Petainer’s USD keg, a one-way PET keg. The keg is lower cost than other solutions, removes any return logistics and is compatible with universal fittings which means it can be used in bars and restaurants anywhere in the world. When the keg is empty, it can simply be dissembled, crushed and put into the local recycling system.

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Stark Craft LogoLovina Beach brewery, which brews Stark Craft Beers and 1945 Craft Pilsner, is the first craft beer brewery in Indonesia.

For Stark, the ability to export is critical to the business as the domestic market remains limited. For export, a packaging solution which is versatile enough to withstand the challenging geography in Indonesia and South East Asia is vital. And for a brewery which has made it its mission to educate drinkers about the virtues of premium quality and unique beer, ensuring it arrives in the very best condition is a given.

Stark has opted for petainerKeg USD because of their proven credentials when it comes to protecting the quality of the beer – VLB tests show that after nine months the taste of the beer hasn’t changed and is on a par with beer stored in steel kegs. They are also compatible with existing filling lines, lower cost than steel kegs and compatible with dispensing systems in retail outlets.

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