Draught Beverages

There isn’t anything more beautiful than a freshly poured beverage. But there are a lot of factors in getting the best experience from draught beverages. Negligence can spoil the draught experience. That is why a good bar will put time into its draught programme.

At Petainer, we understand the complexity of draught systems and the importance of getting it right to serve your customers that freshly poured glass. That is why we provide bespoke services, from design through to filling lines. In addition, we offer a wide portfolio of different solutions to suit most customers draught requirements, from hand-filling through to large fully automatic blow-fill lines.

We offer our customers the choice of receiving blown ready to fill kegs, or, perform kits, which significantly reduces both the logistics costs and CO2 footprint. We don’t stop at only providing the product, we also support by providing engineering consulting services, training and education, customers in-market and after-sales support, including operational audits tailored to the customer’s needs.

Our teams recognise that all draught markets have different requirements, challenges and approaches. We will work with you to make sure you achieve the perfect setup. With our vast experience as the global leader in PET kegs, we can tailor our support and provide a focused approach to the following markets.

Markets Served